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Team Size: 10+
My Role: Programmer
Tools: Unity
Language: C#
Release date: TBA
Platform: PC (Steam)

Game Overview

Facade is a first-person, futuristic puzzle-adventure game, built in Unity, where you destroy, modify, and recreate the environment to solve puzzles and progress through the game. It is developed by a company called Zelcon Games, which is an indie team mainly located in Canada, but also has members from America and England.

My Roles

  • User Interface
    • When I first joined the team, I had the role of creating the games UI using the new Unity 4.6 GUI. My tasks involved creating the menu, options and pause screen. This task was interesting as when I joined the team, Unity 4.6 only just came out so learning how it all worked was great as it improved my skills and abilities.
  • Graphics
    • After the UI was close to being finished, I also started work on the Options Display section. This included resolution, quality, anti-aliasing and FOV.
  • Gameplay
    • I worked on adding a dialog system and a meter system which included health, sanity, hunger and energy

What the project taught me

  • Industry insight
    • Through volunteering with Zelcon Games, I learnt how a game development studios tackle aspects of projects. This included meetings, deadlines and the scrum methodology. It also helped me to keep to a coding standard.
  • Quick prototyping
    • My first task when I joined the team was to quickly prototype the user interface, in Unity 4.6. This wasn't an easy task considering Unity added a new interface system, though I was able to fulfil the task.
  • Meeting deadlines
    • An important factor when working with a games company is keeping to a deadline to get the project moving. I was able to meet most of my deadlines though it was a voluntary position whilst I was in college, so indevidual projects sometimes got in the way.
  • Expanding programming knowledge
    • UI and graphics I have never touched on, and this project let me experience that. I feel confident to jump in on other aspects of code I am not familiar with, and usually manage to produce something good.


Game Trailer

Occulus Demo